Stay Connected to Allah to Stay Prepared for Allah's Work

Orginally Published in “The Muslim Journal” 2007

As a believing Muslim the 2007 Ice Storm and State of Emergency in Oklahoma City, served as a reminder to me of the strength and might of Allah. My family along with thousands of other families were displaced from their homes and left with no electricity or heat. Many families, including mine, were not prepared to be without electricity and heat for days, and the dark is not easy to cope with, especially in the cold.  Many people speak of the days to come, but it is time we realize that the time of Allah is not coming, but is upon us now. As believers, we need to deepen our connection with Allah and other believers, especially so that when emergencies strike we have built solid relationships and feel comfortable enough to lean on each other during times of need.

As I drove around Oklahoma City after the storm had passed, I observed empty houses full of ice, fallen trees, and trees completely bent over so far it looked as if the trees were prostrating towards Allah. It was not difficult to conclude that the time to ensure ourselves on Allah righteous path is now. Muslims have been given the five pillars of Islam which serves as our guiding light to ensure our souls are prepared for Allah’s judgment on the day of reckoning. Abiding by the five pillars of Islam is as important now as it has ever been, and there are other basic things we can do to further intensify our connection to Allah.

In no way, do I believe that the 2007 Ice Storm in Oklahoma City is the last of Allah’s wrath.  Just remember, Katrina, the wildfires in California and around the USA,. Let’s not forget the Tsunami. Allah is cleaning up the Earth and no person, place or thing is exempt from the changes that we are in the midst of experiencing during this phase of our earthly existence.  What is important to consider is how we will prepare to deal with the physical, spiritual and mental repercussions that we will encounter as Allah works Allah’s will. Just think for a moment, how will we maintain ourselves as the people of the world continue to commit crimes that make no sense, as gas prices continue to rise, as people get poorer, and as some of us seemingly do not have enough money, food, time or energy?

Allah has left us with several acts that will allow us to live in this world, but not be of it. First, I cannot make a suggested list of things that will allow us to keep our focus on Allah without reminding us most humble Muslims to Read Your Quran. I know many of you reading this has heard and read this before so I will keep it brief, and simply state there are powerful messages for us in the Quran that will lead us and keep us connected to Allah during all times.

Secondly, it is important that we surround ourselves around people, places and things that reflect that light of Allah. Listen to and read motivating material be it music, speeches, or books. Spend time with other believers by attending classes and meetings at your local Mosque. Material that has a positive message, and reminds us of our true purpose, which is to serve and submit to the will of Allah, is food for our soul. As times change and our reality gets more intense and we continue to have unbelievable experiences it is ever more important to surround ourselves around believers and the words that Allah has sent through believers to encourage, uplift and fill our spirits so that through trying times we are able to stay focused and not lose sight of what Allah has for us. As we spend time with each other, talking about Allah and doing work for Allah we will be rewarded from Allah and be better prepared to deal with the any emergency situations that may arise.  

Finally, I suggest that we make time in our lives for reflection. It is soothing to read and listen to the Quran, great speeches, and music, and it is equally important for us to take time to listen to the messages that Allah has for us. Let’s not forget that Al Quran was revealed through the Angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad (May Peace and Blessings be upon him).  Some of you may question, why Muslims are required to pray five times a day, isn’t this enough? Yes this is true, we pray five times a day, but I say this is not enough. Praying, I know you all would agree, is worship and this is us speaking to Allah and asking Allah for blessings. We are required to pray, but with these changing times we must begin to listen to Allah. We all came here to do work for Allah, we have special gifts that are innate, and they are blessings from Allah. We will not know what Allah wants of us if we do not make time in our day to open our ears and hearts to quiet ourselves enough to hear what messages, what guidance, what sweetness Allah has for us.

So I leave you Brothers and Sisters with love and a true concern for each of our souls. The world is changing around us and nothing is happening without Allah’s command. As we watch the news, and go about life, sometimes events and situations seem unreal and there is more to come. Stay grounded in Allah, comfort yourself with Allah. Read your Quran, surround yourself around believers, listen to uplifting material, and make time in your day to be quiet and listen for what Allah has to say to you.