I Am My Husband's Garden

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 I am not sure anyone thought we would last this long

Maybe Not even me

We’ve had our ups and downs but what has sustained us is our mission to eradicate the factors that perpetuate the demise of the Black family

We came to each other pretty damaged

We were told to take it slow

But, despite this advice,

I accepted your invitation to journey home and create a union

It was our commonalities that solidified our decision to manifest our vision of a ceremony

in The Gambia

A two day celebration with friends

but no blood family  

was the beginning of our commitment to something bigger than us

Something that requires lots of trust

and collaboration

and dedication



Not to mention, no lies

We were told our marriage could survive as long as we seasoned it

like a cast iron skillet

Was it that easy?

I was a lioness wild, untamed

hurt and whose heart had gone astray

You were seeking spiritual freedom

Dealing with the upheaval left from year of restrictions, limitations and impediments

We both had been broken and there was no token of love that could put our pieces back together


Only years of love, patience and  prayer

you seeing me and me seeing you

and us working on ourselves

to personally undo

years of psychological trauma   

A road of searching

years of searching for a God, the right God, I have served many Gods

before I could come to the conclusion

that the allusion of my being able to make it in this life without submission to the one was

not the life Allah wanted for me

You always wanted me to submit to his will

But you patiently

Waited for me

nurtured me, watered me, fed me, loved me and led me

So gently, but powerfully

Reflecting the light of the sun

While all along I




Am able to Shine like the moon in the night

And reflect your light