Why I Read

 I read in order to succeed...

That is so generic I can do better than that....

 I read in order to plot and plan so that I can demand my students land beyond the moon

I read to know how to grow readers and writers

 My son is enticed by the notion of promotion so I have to keep his mind in motion with words that capture his attention.

Not to mention my 2nd grader who is a book raider

And My 4th grader who loves to be read to by anyone even, You

And My 6th grader who would rather read than clean


Rather read than hike

Maybe read and bike

See, I read because I am responsible for listening to my seeds practice their tajweed

And I need them to become Hafiz of Quran so Jannah will be on for us,

and the next generations.

 I read to please my need to know my ancestor’s history

so there will be no repetition of the expedition that

fulfilled the white man’s mission to build this great nation on the backs of Blacks.

 I read to get a glimpse of the greatness that preceded me

so I can create seeds greater than me.

 I read because even before college there has always been so many books filled with knowledge

and I haven't read them all, YET.

I have so much more mileage of words to cover.

Plays, novels, poems, journals, research and African literature.

My bookshelves are filled with unread books that randomly call me to them

so that I may expand my knowledge

so that I may understand more

so that I may succeed.